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Pet Policy

Pet Policy at La Posada

We are delighted to welcome well-behaved dogs and other pets. It is important that our pet policies–and the charges incurred if a pet urinates or defecates in a room, scratches furniture or woodwork, or otherwise inflicts damage–are clearly understood by our guests.

Please review the following and sign to confirm your consent:

  • The fee to accommodate your pet is $75 per stay (not per night).
  • We can sometimes–but not always–accommodate more than one pet in a room; please call in advance to make those arrangements.
  • Your pet must be leashed at all times when on the hotel property. Well-behaved leashed dogs may dine with their owners on the porch in seasonal weather. 
  • Your pet may be left in your room only if the pet is crated and the guest services desk is notified what time you expect to return.  If you do not travel with a crate, please reserve one when you make your reservation. If a pet is barking or whining, we will contact you to return to retrieve your pet.
  • Pets may not be walked in the hotel’s enclosed garden.
  • Pet owners are responsible for picking up after their pet, around the hotel and in the town of Milford.  Pickup bags are available from the front reception desk.

$250 Damage deposit Pet owners are responsible for any damage to the hotel, your room and its contents caused by your pet. We require a $250 damage deposit at check-in, which is refunded upon checkout assuming there is no damage.

If a pet urinates, defecates or vomits on the carpet or bedding, or any extra cleaning or repairs are necessary, a minimum of $150 will be debited from your deposit. Depending on the damage, the balance of the deposit and additional fees may be assessed, including for loss of revenue if the room is put out of service.

We realize that even well-behaved pets can sometimes have accidents, but we ask our guests to walk their pets frequently to avoid such an occurrence. If there is an accident, please notify us immediately so we can seek to mitigate the potential stain in our carpets in the rooms.

Finally, by advance arrangement with the Guest Services office, we are happy make arrangements for pet-sitting, walking or salon services.

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